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Isn’t it time to take your business to the next level!

I am Jesse Lewis and I want to build your business! I have been in the entertainment industry for the last 10 years and I want to teach you everything I have learned to make my living as an entertainer!

24 videos over the next 12 months showing you the inside of my 10 year old entertainment business! We cover:

  • Strategic planning!
  • Understand any market
  • Marketing calendars
  • How to determine the best pricing for your show
  • Systemize your business
  • List building targeting the right clients
  • Upselling your client add on services and BOR packages
  • Different types of marketing and what works best inbound marketing vs outbound marketing
  • The testimonial tap out!
  • How to make yourself stand out above every one else!
  • Building better promo
  • Networking like a pro!
  • Getting referrals from every show you do
  • The entertainers road map to success!
  • Creating your USP
  • Working with non profits
  • Working with agencies
  • How to use free online marketing
  • Using the phone effectively
  • Creating a winning mindset
  • paid online marketing
  • Websites Sales pages and one sheets!
  • Social networking
  • How to include messaging in shows and customize them for a specific group!
  • Value added content

20 or so hours of training for just $37 per month delivered in easy to digest monthly segments you can rewatch any time!

It is delivered online so you can have it anywhere you go!

It is time to take action at just $39 per month this is a steal already!

You can cancel any time!

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